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Based in Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, Natura specialise in the beauty hair removal treatment of Sugaring which originated from ancient North and East Africa yet has only been recognised in the UK for a reletively short period of time.

Member of the Guild of Beauty therapists and Sugaring professional, Lee Chapman, has many years experince in the practice of Sugaring since gaining full certification from 'The School of Sugaring' in 2002.

Tell me more about Sugaring?
Not to be confused with Waxing, Sugaring is a hair removal treatment which only uses the goodness of natural ingredients. The paste, used by the professional practitioner is made from a sucrose-base that is blended with citrus juices and other natural ingredients. No artificial or chemical additives are present, and although tested for safe use on human skin, the product is not tested on animals. It is applied at body temperature so there is no burning.

The results last generally about four to six weeks (although some say for longer). "It depends on how strong the re-growth is" says Lee "although it does tend to last longer than waxing". For the best long-term result, it is important that clients be treated on a regular basis. A one-off treatment before a holiday, for example does not produce any long lasting benefits. Repeated treatments can tend to weaken the hair so it becomes easier over time.

What is the process Sugaring?
• The skin is firstly cleansed of surface oils, make-up etc. in preperation for the treatment.
• The sugar paste is warmed to a soft consistency and applied to the body or facial areas.
• After a series of controlled movement, the paste is then 'flicked' off the skin following the contours of the clients body.

What are the benefits?
It is at the end of the treatment that the benefits of Sugarings' natural properties really come to light. Once all the hair has been removed the skin is very easily cleaned of any residue sugar as the paste is water soluable. The process not only removes hair but also dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and smooth.

How do I book an appointment?
If you would like to book an appointment for a Sugaring, non-surgical facelift or spray tanning treatment, please contact Lee Chapman on 07799 538932. Alternatively you can send an email to info@naturasugaring.co.uk with your prefferred appointment date, time and contact details. For salon opening days and times please see our contact page.

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